Alright I’m about to get serious. No pictures, just a real heart to heart.

It’s a little hard to believe that 6 months have already passed so quickly and the 7th is about to end soon. It’s a strange thing with time and age, but it really does seem to pass ever faster the older you get. I know I’ve been rather quiet everywhere over the last few months, and that’s only because I’ve been working my butt off! (I still have the butt though, it’s too big to lose) I did share a little bit of a snippet of the work I’ve been doing a while ago and I hope you enjoyed that because there is so much more to come.

July is always a time of year I look forward to. My brother and I both have birthdays in the same month, and a lot of my best memories have been associated with the month of July. In my youth (Now that I’m OLD, no i’m not) my family would always manage to organize holidays during this time of the year. So I always get this giddy feeling that somewhere down the line, I’ll get offered an opportunity to see the world, a little bit at a time.

It seems strange that I look to the past so often, but I can’t help but feel hit with a sense of nostalgia, and that’s why this July means more to me than most. If we look back to the last few years and see how the world has changed with how we interact with each other, there’s so much within us that yearns for company, but appreciates being truly alone. These words I type to you may never be read, or may become immortal, although I highly doubt that. Over the last year or so, I saw little bits of my childhood disappear, I mean sure, I grew up a little bit but, as a musician, we idolize those we try to emulate.

First Prince, then Chris Cornell, and very recently Chester Bennington. It got me thinking not just about what a person means to you, regardless of whether you know them or not. You grow up listening to words, that become a part of you, to form an individual which becomes you. It’s not a voice in your head, but the lecture you needed to hear, the inspiration which made you get off your ass in the first place and charge forth and do what you always wanted to do. Sure, one can say times were better a few years ago, a decade ago even, but the world we live in today is an evolution of that very world we left behind. However when we sing in unison, we sing the words that inspired us most, the words of Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell, Prince, Michael Jackson and every other individual who made a lasting impact on your life.

Let’s not forget that the very ailment that affected the deaths of the superstars in the last year shine a light on a dark path in a person’s life. We ought to look at them as examples and help shine a light on the issue as a whole. There are individuals in each of our lives who matter, who make a difference. I did make this super clear in my last blog post about being somebody’s purpose. One of the perks of getting older is looking at things in retrospect. When my father passed, I looked back at how I was going to survive, but here I am today, hopefully making the right choices, and hopefully making him proud. My family pushes and strives to be good human beings. I looked at Chester’s passing as a moment of reflection, with whether I’m doing the best I can, because he told me so. In his live DVD’s and concerts, he told me if I work hard, I’d get what I desired. I’m a bit of a cynic, and therefore I often blame luck, but when it came to his passing, he never spoke of what happens when it gets tough. When things feel like a ton of bricks on your shoulders and when you’ve got more pressure building up than when diamonds are formed.

In the last 6 months, I’ve been facing a huge crisis of confidence. I put a massive amount of effort in trying to push myself and my music to the edge of tomorrow. And to be honest, the effort that’s gone in to trying to achieve ones dreams can drain you. 6 years of pushing and trying my hardest, has often made me feel burnt out. And quite honestly, when that happens, you lock yourself in a room, with nothing but your thoughts, and watch as the world races past you. You often don’t have nice things to say about yourself, you feel very low, you gain a lot of weight. You’ve got to correct yourself, you’ve got to spend the little strength you have to force yourself to succeed. You have to survive. I’ve witnessed a lot of darkness in my life as a whole, but the one thing I’ve learnt is that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Your purpose. I survive, because of the strength my father gave me, and because of the hope he gave me as a child. And the light at the end of the tunnel is you folks, and of course my family, the lovely people who lend me an ear to hear my stories.

When my true journey in to the world of music started at the age of 7, I never thought I’d be in a place where I’d have hundreds of people sitting in an audience (one day, thousands) waiting on my word. I don’t know if I’m in a place where my words or actions impact a certain person’s life yet, but the one thing I’ll take away from the last few days is to be a difference in someone else’s life. To live the very words you preach, and to share the difficult moments in your life with those who will help you share the burden. But most importantly, to work for my happiness too, and for the happiness of the people that surround me.

It’s hard to be a success, but it isn’t too hard to be happy.

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