As I write this, I’m sitting on a flight from Delhi, to Bombay, a city which I spent the majority of my childhood in. I look back at the years I’ve had in the various places I’ve lived and only one thing stands out. My family.

Now I may sound vain in saying so, but my family is awesome. We fight, we bicker, we cry and whine, but we do it together. It’s a strange party, on an invite only basis. My childhood memories revolve around a few moments where I wasn’t a great kid, rather when I got in to trouble (which wasn’t often.). As most parents do nowadays, there’s always the good cop and bad cop, and in my family, my mother played bad cop. So when it came to my father, the little kid that lived inside him shone best when he spent time with us. When we got in to trouble, it felt as if our best friend was coming to save us. It’s kind of funny that way.

On Wednesday it’ll be 9 years since his passing, and since that moment, I feel like i’ve grown into an adult, with certain responsibilities and commitments that seem to have just fallen on my shoulders. I’ve outgrown my childhood, and realized the importance of being a man in today’s society. Often, when given the chance to speak, I’ll talk about my family and the important role my mother has played in my life, helping make choices, and playing a father figure when necessary. I’ll go on to say that the 19th of April 2008, was the day I realized my passion.

However, the little loose screw in my head tells me I’m wrong to say that. You know, I’ve always watched people talk about the loved ones they’ve lost, and the only line that follows is “Tell them you love them because, you don’t know what awaits you.” As a thought that seems so morbid, and forced. Love is unconditional, and often demonstrative. No matter how many times you say it to someone, the regret still lives with you, and it will never be enough.

My father’s passing gave me purpose. His life, gave me purpose, when he was alive and if there’s anything I’d have liked to say then, it’d have been that. I found a way to express myself and put my talents to good use, albeit a little too late, however the shame only arises from the fact that he never got to see me play like this.

From Left to right: Me, My father, and my brother Jay

From Left to right: Me, My father, and my brother Jay

Today, I’d just like to take this opportunity to tell my family and my closest friends, and my love that your lives give me purpose, to make you proud, to make dreams come true, so that I can carry you along the way. Tell someone that their life gives yours purpose, give them the joy of being important in your life, rather than selfishly projecting your own feelings on to them. It doesn’t matter if someone is sad, depressed or lonely, the opportunity to live a life as a human being is special. We weren’t born to waste our time, we all have a destiny to fulfill. Success is only possible by climbing on the shoulders of others, don’t be altruistic, be brave, and be grateful, someone gave you the purpose to drive yourself to achieve your dreams.

Now that I’ve completed my little word vomit, I guess I’d like you guys to join me on a little something. I have a habit of releasing things on days which have a lot of meaning to me. I’m putting out a new music video (“Four”) this Thursday, 20th April, at 1pm, on my youtube channel. And I hope that in some way, shape or form, this song gives you purpose. I wrote it for someone very dear to me, someone I love very much, but also for someone that gives me purpose, and I hope that you share it, and give somebody special, the opportunity to to be a larger part of your life.

See you soon.